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If you want to visit Europe,

go to Brugge in Flanders (Vlaanderen), Belgium. Other nice towns where you can experience the culture of 'the old world' are Antwerpen, the Province of Antwerp and Gent and Lier, also in Belgium. Gent is I think the most beautiful town in Belgium and has a beautiful citycentre with two cathedrals and a "Belfort". Visit Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, it is one of the most beautifull parts of Europe, 'Vlamingen' the inhabitants of Vlaanderen are exceptional and cheerful: they love their national beers and dishes: click here is tourist information. In Germany visit Koeln and Bremen. In Bremen and in the villages around, there are several beautiful Arp Schnitger organs to visit. In Eastern Germany visit Freiburg. Gottfried Silbermann built some remarkable organs in that part of the country. Scandinavia is a wonder of nature and culture. Specially Denmark is a nice country with maybe the most friendly inhabitants of Europe....

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You want to discover old European history? Then visit the town of Liege in Belgium, only 20 miles south of Maastricht. In this town there are treasures of culture hidden under the dust of many ages, in the last 50 years there were several unexpected discoveries, like manuscripts of more than 300 years old. Manuscripts of Lambert Chaumont of Huy, composer of onganmusic, were discoverd by Jean Ferrard, famous of his radioprogram: "Le magasin de l'orgue". Liege also has organs of value from the Picard family (see: 'The art of Organbuilding' at my homepage), and a City Library you have never seen in your life before...... Liege has a very special atmosphere, experience it! Liege and Huy are part of Wallonie, the southern part of Belgium. If you want to see a special specimen of nature, then you should visit the Ardennes, a huge region of hills, woods and wildlife, specially the river Semois is famous for its wild trout fish. Visit Vresse or Bohan, famous for its tobacco, on the banks of the Semois river in the Ardennes. The daylight is very different from what you are used to, specially painters value this special daylight of the region for outdoor painting. On the pictures below you can see a glimpse of this light. Vresse is a typical "Village d'arts": a painters village.

   Bohan                                 Vresse


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