For  Sale: 
Tannoy & Luxman audio / radio

The below Luxman and other audio gear is in good used
and working condition, meeting (or exceeding) all Luxman specs.
All gear is checked, calibrated, tested (and usually fully updated & upgraded).
All for sale Luxmans etc. come with limited 1 year or lifetime* warranty & lifetime full technical support.


Luxman T-111 tuner

For sale vintage Luxman T-111 tuner
Good used condition, updated, calibrated, works very well,
Rare version with extra F-connector for direct 75 Ohms coax antenna connection.
Meets or exceeds all Luxman specs.  55 or any good offer.
1 year warranty*. Lifetime support.
Goes well together with a Luxman Studio Standard Series:
L1,L2,L3,L4 or L5 or L114A or L120 etc.


Sony TA-1055 integrated amplifier

For sale vintage Sony TA-1055 amplifier, in good condition,
Updated, upgraded and tested, 100% operational condition, works very well,
2x35 Watts RMS generous output power. Exceeds all Sony specs.
Wood case,  80 or any good offer.
1 year warranty*. Lifetime support.


Sony ST-S361 FM/AM RDS tuner

For sale vintage Sony ST-S361 AM/FM tuner, in good condition,
Tested, 100% operational condition, works very well: FM,MW,LW,
 Exceeds all Sony specs.  45 or any good offer.
Has some little user wear on the top cover,
1 year warranty*. Lifetime support.


Marantz PM230 integrated amplifier

 Marantz vintage slim-line amp. 2x 40 Watts RMS,
in good used condition,
updated, for sale 50 or any good offer.
 1 year warranty*. Lifetime support.
Nice compact amplifier with good specs.



PrinzSound SA-2001 integrated amplifier

PrinzSound (Dixons) vintage amp. 2x 25 Watts RMS,
in good used and original condition,
not updated, for sale 50 or any good offer.
 1 year warranty*. Lifetime support.
Can be updated on request.
 The different look vintage amplifier with very good specs and excellent sound.


Akai HX-27W double cassette deck

Akai vintage HX-27W double cassette deck in very good working condition.
For sale at 35. 1 year warranty*.


Luxman, Sansui,
other brands mains transformers

multivoltage mains transformers available in stock for service jobs on Luxman, Sansui etc vintage gear.


Other Luxman, Tannoy parts:

We have other Luxman parts available: DMLs, Anti Birdies filters for FM tuners, etc. etc.



The Fineprint:

Items are sold as is in used condition. Most items come with 1 year or lifetime, limited warranty*.
More photo's of the Luxmans and audio gear for sale on request: what you see is what you get.
If you want additional information, please send me an email.
I try to describe all items as good as I can. We ship wolrwide. You can also pay in US$.
Not satisfied? I am not selling for the money: so you can return a bought item that is listed here
within one month and get your money back: no questions asked! Contact me first, before return.
(of course returns are
excl. shipping, paypal/bank fees and in the same condition as it has been sent to you).
Above prices are moderate considering the money asked on Ebay for similar items.
*Warranty is limited to electronic parts and does not cover user wear, light bulbs, bad contacts, etc.etc.
(No claims can be made on info on this website).

We're always buying good used audio gear for cash - working or not-working
and we'll also sell your gear on consignment for you, through our websites and our contact lists:
there are always buyers in contact with me looking for Luxmans or other audio gear and parts.

TANNOY parts

LUXMAN parts

also Tannoy and Luxman repairs, we resurround Tannoys.


How you can contact us:


You can contact me through Skype and Whatsapp.

Accepted pay methods: sepa, cash, paypal & more.

Attention: we accept Paypal USA only under limited conditions,
No Paypal in EU: use Sepa instead.


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updated: 25-04-2018 Hans Hilberink - PE1MMK.