Air Chief

model 4-C-55

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Made in Japan, # 2050090 - AM radio -  8 Ge transistors: 6 Matsusita and 2 Sony in output stage, 2 Ge diodes - high sensivity, high quality built, 3 gang rf variable capacitor,  'preselection' called in the manual - supply 6V by 4 'C' cells - record player input, 2 external LS outputs. This radio was brought on the market with many differrent brand names and type #, like Airchief, Hacosonic, Browni, Holyday, etc. (See my website)

This is a nostalgic radio for me, I owned one when I was a 14 year old boy. After a month work in a pottery factory (Sphinx-Ceramique) in my vacation, I had earned enough money to buy one.

The schematic diagram of the Airchief 8: As you can see at the left: the first stage of the 3 gang varco is connected to an RF preamp X1, parallel on the coils of the ferrit rod so making the first LC stage of the radio. This should get the 'High Sensivity' and 'Pre Selection' as the manufacturer calls this. This is done the first time this way in a ordinary portable transistor radio by Sony, in their TR 84 radio (see my website at Sony) you can clearly see that these types of radios, like this Airchief, are all inspired on the Sony TR84.

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 PE1MMK Hans Hilberink 01-01-2000.