Audio Sonic

model (unknown)


This is a AM/FM/SW-multiband radio, put on the radio-market under several names, like this one: Audio-Sonic. This sort of radios were (are) made by many manufacturers. The funny thing about this radio is that it is one of the cheaper ones, but it has the BETTER performance. Compared to the i.e. Grundig multibands, like the Yacht-Boy 200 series, of basicly the same electronic design, the Grundigs do not work best, but cost a lot more. This Audio Sonic is the better and the cheaper radio. It is an ideal travel companion, it is smaller and not very demanding on power. It uses only 2 AA (compared to the Grundig 4 AA) cells and is very sensitive over all and  the sound is of usable quality. The tuning led works well. The radio employs some 4 transistors and one Sony IC.


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