Belson Belgium/France/Asia  
(Belson is French for 'nice sound')

model Transistor six

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Small pocket radio type # unknown - made in the 1960s for Belgium market - 4 early transistors made by Fairchild USA, 2x  Hitachi  2SB77, 1 extra transistor used as diode, 1 Germanium diode  - MW / LW - 9V battery supply.


model LM 812

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Pocket radio made in Japan by Orion Electric (JT-802) for Belgium Market - LW/MW - 8 Toshiba Ge transistors, 1 transistor used as diode, no diodes - schematics inside cabinet - 4,5 V supply by 3 AAA cells.


model ?

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Belson radio made by Orion Electric (JT-802) Japan with the traditional MW/LW, this radio is similar to the LM812, but inside as well as outside this radio has its own character, type # unknown - it has 7 Ge transistors - schematics inside cabinet - it plays very well - 3V supply by 2 AA cells - The used transistors are somewhat noisy compared to the other Belson models, it has a firm hiss in the LF stage - the speaker is very small.

model S4202

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Another typical Belson radio with the traditional MW/LW made in Singapore, this radio is similar to the radio above, but inside as well as outside this radio has its own character and has a more simple electronic design. It has 7 transistors: 4 Silicon 1 Germanium and 2 Sanyo Germanium output transistors - it plays very well on 3V supply by 2 AA cells.


model 016

Nice white coloured case, 6 transistor radio.


model AM/FM

This is a radio that is nearly the same as the Roxy radio (see Roxy at my site) with some  difference: this radio has FM, but no AC powersupply.


model FLH-121

12 transistor radio AM/FM. 9 transistors Silicon and 3 transistors Germanium, mix of Hitachi, GE and brandless transistors. Also AC/DC powered with stabilized power supply. Leatherette case. Plays quite well. Probably made in Hong Kong.


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