model 290P

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Made in USA approx. 1957 - this is a radio of the famous 200 series Bulova made during the 2nd half of the 1950s - it has 4 early Germanium RCA transistors and a very special design with 1 HF (osc/conv)stage, 2 IF stages with 1 transistor, one LF preamp with 2N408 and a single ended output stage with one 2N408- supply by one 9 Volt cell.

The red radio is in excelent condition and plays very well, it is at least one year younger than the black one. The black radio is of one of the first production series and was defect when I got it. The first IF stage did not work due to a defect coil and the IF-transistor did not meet the specifications anymore. The IF-coil was repaired, the bad IF-transistor is left in the radio,  the black radio is now in original condition again and playing well, but due to the detoriated performance of the IF-transistor the sensivity is less than the red one and the AGC is working better in the red radio.  PE1MMK

model 1550

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The above radio made in Japan in approx.1965 indicates that Bulova deteriorated the quality of its later produced radios -  the cabinet is sober but made of plastic and 'top grain cowhide' - although the outside of this radio is not very impressive, the inside of the radio is very modern and nicely built - so sound and reception of this AM only radio is rather very good, it certainly deserves a bigger speaker! - 6V supply by 4 AA cells - it has 10 Sanyo Ge transistors ans 1 Ge diode placed on a very compact  pcb with an impressive amount of electrolytic capacitors on it - the electronic design employs an OTL complementary output stage with 2SD186 and 2SB186 - serial # 10466.

Hans Hilberink PE1MMK 16-07-2000