Channel Master USA

model xxxx

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Made in Japan by Sanyo -  nice looking MW  radio with big star on the grille - 6 Sanyo transistors - 4,5 V supply, 3 penlight AA cells.


model 65xx

This is an early CM radio of approx. 1960 with 6 early Sanyo transistors. It is a very elegant little radio. It has been very popular in the USA in those days.


model 6515

pic soon available

This radio has 8 early 2S series Sanyo transistors and is known as the Super Fringe - It is a radio with generous sound and good reception and is a full member of the early CM transistor radio family as you can see. This radio was also made in black case.


model 6506

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Nice and famous radio made by Sanyo in Japan, radio with clock like dial, it is notorious for the use of bad Sanyo electrolitic capacitors in the electronic design, when these capacitors are OK the radio plays very well. This radio was also made in black case, the logo was yellow.


model 6503

This radio is an early radio with 5 early Sanyo transistors of the 2S50 series. This radio was in a fire, the front suffered from the heat as you can see on the photo. The transistors have suffered as well: they produce some extra hiss in the signal. But the radio still plays, so it must have been a very solid construction.


model 6502

Another nice CM radio made by Sanyo Japan.


Model xxxx

AM/FM radio, made by NEC Japan. 



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