Boys radio

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This radio was sold to me by an US American radioamateur, whos advertisement was:

Coronet Boys Radio.
I think it's Model BL-206P
Black with gold-tone grill. 2 transistors
Fair/good condition. Works, but low volume. Missing
antenna. two mini chips on top and side of radio. Would
clean up and display nicely. $35

In good faith I bought this radio. But this radio was a mess:

*The radio was badly repaired: it did not play at all
*The top and side of the case were cracked, see the white spots on photo, and were glued with some 2 component glue that was not correctly applied and so cracked too, damaging more than before the repair !
*The radios varco was partly damaged
*The front of the radio was badly scuffed and scratched
*The back of the radio did not fit anymore
*The antenna wiring was damaged
*The metal parts inside were corroded
*Batteries had been leaking in the battery compartment.

Restauration was quite a job, now the radio plays again, but is still not in good condition.

My opinion on this is: people who have no understanding of what radio is, should not sell (or repair radios) radios.

Below the radio as it is now. As you can see on top right the cracks are severe.

Below the schematic diagram of this radio:

The 2SA101 is quite a common transistor, but the OC76 not, in the radio above was no OC76 but a 2SB75.

PE1MMK Hans Hilberink 2000