The presentation of the product

Here you can see how European radiomanufacturers tell the public why they should purchase a portable transistor radio. This is an add of the Scandinavian Luxor company.

Below the typical European ambiance of a radio shop from  1960.  On the shelfs can be noticed that the transistor portable radio is a serious product, several models are available. Customers cannot overlook the new product, they have to take in consideration if they want to purchase the lighter and more elegant product.

The light, elegant, brown/white wood-look interiors of that time reflect on the designs of the radios of these days. Most of the European transistor portable radios have brown-wooden with  silver-metal cabinets. The scales of the portables were mostly multicolour backpainted, with black as background colour. The Luxor on the above picture is a typical example of this.

(more to come)


ęPE1MMK « Hans Hilberink Radiomuseum 24-02-2001.