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Made in Belgium ? 1957/8 ? - MW /LW radio - 6 early glass transistors made by Philips ? - the radio has no pcboards, just a chassis, the transistors are pushed through holes in the chassis with rubber rings, just like Philips did in her early chassis radios, Sonolor used plasitc covers as the SFT transistors had a different shape and were not of glass, some other companies used similar techniques in chassis radios.  Supply by 2 x 4.5V cells giving 9V. The radio is playing well but the first transistor, the converter, is not oscilating quite to full top of MW band, in the upper part of the MW band the osc. is producing strange harmonics and just at the end of the band it stops reception. The LF output stage is capable of giving approx. 80 mW, not very much for the big speaker....

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