model TR-CORSO

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Made in Vienna Austria  in 1959 - MW/LW radio - 6 early glass transistors -  supply by 6 'AA' cells for 9V - good sound en good reception. Size 5x 10x 17 cm. - the radios is of a special design, one can see that i.e. at the speaker impedance 24 Ohms: not very common - this radio is owned by my uncle Fred Hilberink who is still the first owner, he bought it in a shop in Roosendaal in The Netherlands in 1959.

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the inside of the Ingelen TR-Corso

Here you see a picture of my uncle Fred as a member of his band The Caldonians, he plays the guitar and does the vocal parts. This picture is taken in 1957, two years before he bought the Ingelen radio.

Below you see a picture taken in 1963 of my uncle Fred's recordshop Phonica. In front of his shop a local popgroup of that time, The Instigators, on tour.


İHans Hilberink PE1MMK 22-07-2000/29-03-2001