model TRA-10F


Made in Taiwan - MW radio -  10 Hitachi Germanium transistors 1 diode -  supply by 1X 9V  cell - nicely built radio of good electronic quality,  it has good sound and reception - it has a separate earphone compartiment inside the radio case right of the battery compartiment.



model 6K98B

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Made in Okinawa pocket MW radio, 12 Toshiba Germanium transistors, 1 is used as diode. case is made of metal front and plastic back. Plays nice. 



model K504 Super Micro

Super micro radio with 8 micro transistors made by TEN Japan. The size of the transistors is the same as the Philips OC59A, only the shape is slightly different: the top of the TEN transistors is flat. The radio does not play at the moment although the LF stage produces significant hiss. Supply by 3 button cells of 1.5V for 4.5 V supply. 
This radio was a present given to me by André Schmeets, he is an electronic engineer and has various electronic (patented) inventions on his name. André is well known in the electronic & recording studio world. He i.e. developed the professional digital mixing consoles for Philips. In another section of my website you can see transistor amplifier schematic designs by André.



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