Made in China radios

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  Pocket radios made in China - several different versions in the same shape case - they are sold in different coloured cases -  the left one has 4 transistors MW and no IF - the right one has 7 transistors and   is a FM-only with wire antenna - another one in a blue case, with brandname YOKO on it, is a standard 6 transistor MW version with IF - they all need 2 'AA' cells for 3V supply. Below the Yoko also a Sanyo AM version of this type of radio, it has no IF as well.
I have also a French version with LW (GO) only, frequency range: 160-280 KHz!!!

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Here the Sanyo version.


PE1MMK Hans Hilberink Radiomuseum 25-05-1996 / 03-03-2002.