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Made in Japan - 8 transistor - average reception and sound - leatherette plastic case - MW / SW1/2/3 - 4 'D' cells for 6V supply - fine tune and tone switch - Not a very nicely built radio, it has poor shielding and a lot of interference is recepted by this radio, so reception of stations is distorted by equipment like tv-sets etc. specially on SW bands.


model GX3

Nice multiband radio from the 1970's.


model T50

Pocket radio made by Panasonic, with the 3 arrow logo - it has 7 working Matsusita transistors but on the cabinet there is stated: 6 transistor radio ???- 4 penlight AA 1,5 V batteries as supply.

model R-12

Very nice round model with small stand.


model R-82

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Radio shaped like flashlight - AM radio - 4 penlight AA cells for 6V supply - well playing radio with 6 transistors.


model RF-015

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Radio that is only 1 cm (~0,5 ') thick - 6 Ge + 2 Si transistors - AM/FM - it is shaped in the form of a card - works on 2 AAA cells for 3V supply - The same model was used for an AM-only radio: the R-012, it lacks the AM/FM switch on front.


model R-1028

Nice pocket radio, it has 6 transistors, 2 Silicon and 4 Germanium and some resistors are not discrete parts, but they are printed on the pcb.


model R-1019

Nice later pocket radio, it has 6 Silicon transistors.


model R-103

Nice early central dial 6 transistor radio. Many of this type of radio were made and Panasonic had its own too: this one. This radio is a variation on the well known RCA radio. Now you can see of what radio Ross made its copy. Ross radio


model RL-116G

Portable table radio of very nice quality, it is MW only and DC only. 6 transistors. Insect proof.
External antenna connection. 4 UM-1 (D-cells) for 6V supply


model RF-90

9 transistor AM/FM desktop radio. supply by 3 AA penlight batteries. 9 Matsusita Ge transistors.
This little radio gives fine performance. Antenna for FM on the back. The top-lid can be opened and there is a little space to store cigarettes or other things.


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