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'Cabbage Patch Kids' radio

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AM-FM radio made in Hong Kong in 1983 after British design - it has 2 Silicon transistors and 1 IC Telefunken TDA 1083 (Multifunctional integrated circuit: IF- LF-OUTPUT-STAGE). As you can see there is a picture of a cabbage with a face, that is copyrighted by 'Original Appalachian Artworks'. A friend of mine gave me this radio and it plays well.

Jim Schmoock from the US provided the below information on the 'Cabbage Patch Kids'

Cabbage patch dolls for children were popular in the
US in the early 1980's. They were roughly sized like a
real baby, and had soft heads which looked like the
picture on the radio. The whole story was that the
dolls were supposedly found in some cabbage patch
  out in the woods. Each doll came with a "birth certificate".
 Many grown up women, still have one of
  these dolls today. These dolls were made since 1979 in: 
BabyLand General Hospital
P.O. Box 714
Cleveland, GA 30528 USA.



2 Radio Boxes

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Made in USA and Japan - both have 6 transistors - MW -  both use 1 'P' cell for 9V supply - the left one is made by General Electric for Ford motor corporation, it illustrates the 1976 Ford Taunus Germany, the radio sounds well and has good reception - the right one is made in Japan for SNS bank Netherlands, it has poor sound and poor reception.

Hans Hilberink PE1MMK Radiomuseum 22-06-2001.