Orion (Tjechia)

Orionette 1004

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Made in Tsjechia in the late 50s -  5 Tjech LF and 2 Jananese HF transistors and one USA HF transistor - all parts are Tjech and very special made, some look like Russian parts, the ceramic hf capacitors look strange - very good sound -  MW / LW -  2 x 4,5V cell for 9V supply - the carrying strap is not original - this is nearly the same radio as the one Gerard Tel has: http://www.cs.uu.nl/~gerard/RadioCorner/Sets/Ori1004.htm
One of the differences is the supply: mine is a single 9V supply, while the radio Gerard has is split: + / - 4,5 V.
The set has 2 LF transformers. The used transistors are different:
2N218 (converter), 2SA12 (1st IF), 2SA12 (2nd IF), P14T (1st LF), P14T (2nd LF), 2x P6T (PA), and one LF transistor used as LF diode. The detector is a Tungsram OA70.


Hans Hilberink PE1MMK 1996