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L 0 X 10T /00S

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Pocket radio Made in Holland 1960 - 6 Philips Ge transistors,  including 1 LF micro transistor OC59A made for hearing aids and 2 glass transistors in power stage -  all Philips parts inside - transformer less output stage - one P-cell for 9V supply - plays well.

Pionier II

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2 transistor step by step boys radio, 1957 - this is Pionier II - Pionier I has crystal reception and no transistors, Pionier III has 3 transistors and loudspeaker.


L 4 X xx T /00

Beautiful radio made in Holland for Belgium and French market, the Dial is in French language. The radio has 6 transistors and is made in 1961. Supply is by 2x 4,5V cells and one penlight 1,5V cell for 1,5V negative voltage. Great sound and good reception.


L 3 X 21 T /00

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Made in Holland 1960 - portable and car radio - 8 Philips glass transistors - very nice constructed radio with excelent reception and sound - the radio was specially designed for use in a car, the rotary-switch on top is to change antenna.

L 3 X 80 T /90

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Made in Holland in 1958 - with MW and LW -   nice radio plays well - 6 early Philips glass transistors - has no pcb but traditional chassis like tubed radios - mf-transformers are the same as in tubed radios of that time.

22 RL 583 /22R


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Made in Holland in 1966 - radio with 4 presets - 11 Philips Ge transistors - famous for its rich sound, loved by young  families at the time, often used as tabletop for family use.


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Small pocket radio approx. 1970 - 6 Philips Ge transistors - MW/ LW - radio is a philips design and construction, only few Japanese parts used.


Another pocket radio of the D-series of Philips, with FM.


Big brother of radio model D1010 above, it has also FM and MW/LW.

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