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model 90 AL 071

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Made in approx 1974. Nice orange coloured 6 transistor radio with 4 Si transistors and 2 Ge in the output stage. This radio has a very widely used pcb by Philips you can find it in several radios, it is also used by Magnavox USA and Siera Belgium.

Here the 90AL071 of Koen Tesselaar, he got it as a boy and he owned it all his life, as you can see it is in a different colour: light brown?


model 90 RL 290

Nice radio with silicon and germanium transistors. Almost the same radio as the Sierra 6329T.


model 50IC103/00S

First IC transistor radio of Philips made in approx 1975. LW/MW. It has one IC and several transistors. It is a rather pathetic IC radio: the IC has a IF function wich a transistor could do as well. IC's were the latest fashion in these days. Nowadays it is very collectable.


model D1530

Pocket radio from the 1980s, it employs 2 transistors and 1 IC.


model 90 RL 150 /22R

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Nice small raincoat pocket radio. approx 1978.


model L2X21T /00R

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Early radio from 1963. LW/MW.



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Early radio from 1963. LW/MW.


model D1402 /00R

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Radio from the 1980s. AM/FM.


model 90 RL 120

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Radio from the 1970s. It uses 3 C type cells for 4.5V supply. MW/LW.


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