Pizon Bros France

model Translitor 330


Remarkable radio made in France in 1964 - MW/LW radio - 7 French SFT 300-series Germanium transistors -  supply by 2x flashlight 4.5V cell for 9V - beautiful radio of good electronic quality,  it has very good sound and reception - the speaker brand: "Princeps" France, is typically French with the magnet in front of the cone mounted. The speaker is 50 Ohms although the radio has two LF transformers. The "Lumicator" is a lamp that lights up when a station is incorrectly tuned and to activate the tuning lamp you have to push the red button. It has also two tone buttons. The case is partly metal and partly plastic. It is a fine radio to work with, it can also be used in a car.

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