model RZG 1041

Simple straightforward pocket radio with excelent performance, it is one of the radios with the real RCA philosophy inside, and that you can hear, its sound is wonderfull for such a small cheapie........ 


model RZG 103G L

Nice lime coloured radio that was electronically modern in its time: it uses i.e. a OTL output stage. Made in Hong Kong.


model RGA 1049T

This is a very nice radio. Terry Hyde from Quesnel Canada gave this radio to me. The radio was defect. It is again one of the radios with the real RCA philosophy inside. After restauration it is like new and plays very well.
Thanks Terry!!!


model 1-RG-31

This is quite a big radio, it has a supply of 6V by 4 1.5V penlight cells. 


model 1-RG-11

Early made in USA in 1961 radio with excelent reception and HiFi alike sound, this is electronically one of the best early radios of RCA, supply 4,5 V by 3 'D' cells. Pity is the corrosion all radios of this type suffer from on the metal parts of the front. It is one of the radios with the real RCA philosophy inside, and that you can hear........ Later series of this radio were made in several nice colours, I have a green with gold one also. 


Model RGM 19E

pic soon available

Nice twin dial AM/FM radio


Model 3 RH 32

pic soon available

Nice RCA classic



rcatrans.jpg (52620 bytes)

Nice traditional centre dial radio, many companies like Ross copied this kind of radio.



model 9-BT-9H

002.jpg (1830 bytes)

Made in USA - This radio was sold to me by an US American radioamateur, whos advertisement was:

'RCA Victor 9-BT-9H
Good condition, No cracks or chips but missing the plastic dial cover and there's some scratching on the center dial knob.Needs a good cleaning also. $45'

In good faith I bought this radio. But this radio was a mess:

*The speaker is not the original one, it was replaced by  
  some cheap Japan speaker from the 1980s
*The wiring was completely messed up
*The battery holder was missing
*The pcb was broken
*The wrong transistors were in the wrong sockets: in the HF 
  sockets were LF transistors placed
*The back of the radio does not fit correctly
*Some electronic parts were missing
*The case was scratched badly

Restauration was quite a job, now the radio plays again, but is still not in good condition:

0008_75.jpg (76491 bytes) not the original speaker....

This is how the radio should be:

My opinion on this is: people who have no understanding of what radio is, should not sell or repair radios.


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