Sanyo Japan

model Transcontinental

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Made in Japan - 10 Sanyo transistors - MW / SW 2X - well constructed - good sound.


model RP1250

picture soon available

Traditional 6 transistor radio made in Hong Kong. Silicon transistors and 2x AA cell supply for 3V.


model RP1270

Made in China cheap radio, 4 transistors and without IF section, it has only HF and LF section. It has exceptional good reception and sound for a 4 transistor IF-less radio.




picture soon available

Portable Phonograph approx.1966 in sand plastic case - 1 pcb's with 4 Sanyo transistors - powered DC by 4 'D' cells making 6 V supply and AC 220 V - This machine is light, not bigger than a portable radio and performs good.


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