model unknown

Radio with 6 early NEC transistors, made in 1962 in Japan by NEC. It takes a 9 volt battery type 006P.

model unknown

Pocket radio with 6 early Toshiba Germanium transistors of 2Sx50 series and 1 germanium diode, made in Hong Kong in 1963. It takes a 9 volt battery type 006P. Size is approx. 7x13x3,2 cm, weight is approx 250 grams. This radio was formerly owned by Katherina Williams from the USA.
Serial # 521497. Schematics inside radio as below:


Champion 10 model RY 516


Made in Japan in early 1960s - MW radio -  10 early TEN Germanuim transistors -  supply by 1 P cell for 9V - nice small leather cased radio of good electronic quality although the varco is cheap,  it has good sound and reception - the pcb is built up very well, it has an early OTL output LF stage with complementary PNP/NPN Germanium transistors type TEN 2SB33/2SD33, the can of the rare TEN 2SD33 is blue coloured! This makes the radio quite unique electronically. This final stage can deliver 180mW clean outputpower to the 5,7 cm speaker, that has an impedance of 40 Ohms.
 This Champion 10 was damaged severely as you can still see on the photo, but serious restauration made it a nice radio again, but the damage in the right lower corner of the front was not fully repairable. 

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