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  Sternchen Transistor Radio

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Made in the DDR (GDR) the former Democratic Republic of Germany, the radio is of 1960 - raincoatpocket sized MW radio - transistors, three DDR Germanium transistors AF124 alikes in metal cans, one AC125 alike in metal can and 2 made in GDR: OC72 glass with metal cap output transistors: OC72 stamped but unlicenced DDR (GDR) copy's of the original Philips/Valvo OC72. It has also 1 Ge diode made in GDR - all other parts are made in the DDR and are often (unlicenced) copies of western European and USA parts, these parts often do not have the quality of west European or USA parts, they break more easely and are more vulnerable to weather influences like moist - the LF transformers are not tightly wound or sealed with wax, resin or glue - the sound is poor for this size radio, because the speaker is really bad and reception is nearly average - the cabinet looks nice - remarkable is that USSR transistor radios of those days are better constructed and sound better than this Sternchen from the DDR.


  Stern Sport
Transistor Radio

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AM/SW radio, SW band is 6 MHz band. 


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