Toshiba Japan

model 7P-70A

Seven transistor radio with a nice look. MW only. It takes 3 AAcells for 4.5 V suply. High quality built with good reception and good sound.


model IC-70

pic soon to come

Small horizontal radio with stand made of two small wings that can be turned  under the radio. Its a AM/FM radio that takes 4 AA cells for 6V supply. It is a very nice design. It has transistors, FET and IC.


model IC-700C

Heavy luxurious FM/MW/SW radio with transistors, FET and IC.
It is a AC/DC version with many connectios for additional gear.
It looks modern for the era it was made in and is a family member of the radio above, you can see why.


model micro


Made in Japan in early 1960s - MW radio -  6 early Toshiba Ge transistors -  supply by 3X 1.5V special cell for 4.5V - nice small radio of good electronic quality,  it has average sound and reception - the pcb is not built up very well, there were made too many efforts to reduce the size of the radio, it reduced the quality of the construction as well.

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