Zenith USA

Royal 40/50 series

Royal 40 W

Made in USA - pocket AM radio - 6 Philips transistors - this radio has 6 made in Holland Europe transistors, 3 of the AF120 HF series and 3 of the AC120 LF series - high quality built - supply 2x AA for 3V - Chassis #6KT50Z8 and serial #82202. Made in 1963.


Royal 50

Made in USA - pocket AM radio - 6 early oval RCA transistors - high quality built - supply 3V by 2X1,5 AA cell. Chassis # 6GT40Z1, made in 1960.


Royal 50L

Made in USA - pocket AM radio - 6 early RCA transistors - high quality built - supply 3V by 2X1,5 AA cell. Later version of the Royal 50. Chassis # 6KT40Z1, made in 1962.


Royal 59 C

Made in USA - pocket AM radio - 8 RCA transistors - high quality built - supply 3V by 2X1,5 AA cell, serial # Z979581, made in 1962.


Royal 200 series

Royal 250

This is an early radio made in the USA in 1959 - It has 6 early oval RCA transistors. This is the way radios were made in the USA, Zenith produced the better quality radios, although the brass parts on the cabinets very often corroded heavely - This Royal 250 suffered a lot during its life, but still plays best. 

Royal 275

This is the 8 transistor deluxe version of the Royal 250, made in1960.


Royal 500 series

Royal 500D

This 500D radio made in USA is an 8 transistor version from 1957/58 with an early pcb. In very good and playing condition although the photo is not very flattering. The colour is called maroon. It employs oval transistors.

Royal 500E

This is a 500E, an 8 transistor version made in the USA. Made in 1960.
This radio was heavely damaged and has spent some time in water, but after restauration it plays again and looks better, but there is still some work on this one, like the speaker grille corrosion and colour of the front. Also one of the IF transformers was damaged, so a complete reconstruction of this part was neccesary, now it is invisably repaired. 27-01-2001: The radio's grille was brought into original status again. The radio looks good now.

Royal 500H

This 500H is one of the best portable transistor radios ever made in the USA. It has excelent reception and a HiFi like sound. A pity is the light corrosion on the front grille, always found on these radios. Made in 1962.


Later Zenith radios

Royal 16

Pocket radio in small book shape. Made in Japan (508).


Royal 20

0007_62.jpg (42275 bytes)


Made in USA - MICRO AM radio - 7 RCA transistors - high quality built - supply 6V - made in approx. 1965.


model RE-10L

Later radio with 8 Silicon Fairchild transistors - made at 'Zenith Hong Kong' - it has a Sanyo Japan loudspeaker that is connected to a OTL power stage - a high quality radio that is nice to see and that plays excelent, serial # 1330179, made in approx 1968.


portable transistor radios

model RG47J

Nice modern looking portable with meter-like tuning scale. This 9 transistor radio is from approx. 1970. Its a AM/FM, AC/DC powered radio.

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