Zodiac by Prandoni Italy

Model PG 434 - 8 transistor Export Tristar

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Pocket radio made and designed in Italy in the early 1960's - 8 ATES Germanium transistors of high quality - MW / LW - 2 x 3V flashlight cell for 6V supply - it has a early pcb and miniature IF transformers that are in tiny round tins - this radio has an early OTL output stage, it plays exceptionally well and is built very compact in the typical Italian 'high quality' style. As you cab see the cabinet design is simple but nice.

In Januari 2002 Federico Pappalardo from Italy provided the following information:

"Zodiac" is the model name of a radio made in some years preceding and in 1965-66 by Prandoni (Bergamo) Italy, that was sold under three different names:  Trans Continents PD 234,  Nuclear NRC334 and Prandoni PG434. They were made by Dario Prandoni 's radio and TV factory. His factory was not a little one, it had 12 radio models and 25 tv models in production in the years 1965/66. In the seventies the factory continued to make amplified turntables for BSR, and mechanics for Dual pick ups.

Thanks Federico !


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