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Luxman 5T50 FM tuner


This tuner was produced by Luxman in the late 1960s. This is one of the best tuners Luxman ever made,
it has great reception capabilities and sound is excelent. It incorporates great lineair filters in the MF section.



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Luxman 5T50:

Receiving Frequency; 88.1MHz - 107.9MHz

(88.1MHz - 103.9MHz for European Version) mono 9.8dBf (1.7/uV)

IMF Usable Sensitivity: 50dB Quieting Sensitivity, stereo 18.3dBf (4.5mV) mono 13.2dBf (2.5mV) stereo 36.1dBf (35mV)

Alternate Channel Selectivity: 70dB

AM Suppression Ratio: 62dB

Image Response Ratio: 90dB

IF Response Ratio: 100dB

Spurious Response Ratio: 100dB

SCA Rejection Ratio: 65dB

Frequency Response: 50Hz - 10kHz 0.2dB 30Hz - 15kHz +0.2 dB

Tuning Accuracy: 0.003%

Signal to Noise Ratio (at 65dBf): 70dB

Muting & Stereo Threshold: fixed 1.6mV variable 25 - 300mV

Total Harmonic Distortion: mono 100Hz 0.1% 1kHz 0.08% 6kHz 0.15%, stereo 100Hz 0.15% 1kHz 0.1% 6kHz 0.2%.

Stereo Separation: 100Hz 40dB 1kHz 45dB 10kHz 40dB

Subcarrier Product Ratio: 65dB

Antenna Input Impedance: 75-ohm or 300-ohm

Output Level & Impedance: fixed 1V, 100 ohm, variable 0-1V, 1k-ohm

Power Consumption: 30W

Dimensions 442(W) X 400(D) x 101 (H) mm (17-13/32 x 15-3/4 x 4)

Weight; Net 8.7kgs (19,18 lbs.)

Tuning Scale: Digital

Output: 1000mV



Special futures:

This tuner has Dolby-B.

Additional Features: Pure Electronic Memory Tuning Circuit, Auto-Tuning Circuit, Digital Signal Quality Indicator.
Recording Calibrator, Audible Multi-Path Detection Circuit, Muting Level Adjuster, Scanning Speed Adjuster, Antenna Attenuator, Output Level Adjuster.





The Luxman 5T50 tuner service manual in pdf format to download click here





All electrolytic capacitors can be replaced. Some capacitors can be added to the power supply rail through the tuner,
to improve stability. The power transistor in the power supply can be heatsinked to improve reliability. Lamps can be
exchanged by leds. Exchange the back-up memory battery.




Very good.


These series of audio components soon got legendary by their outstanding build quality and good sound.


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