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New Luxman replacement DML units



The Luxman DML units: DML-01 and DML-02 are often the cause of problems in vintage Luxman gear.

These old DML IC devices break down after some years as they have bad thermal properties
and do not meet the Luxman standards. You should replace them when you find some in your vintage Luxman.

Replacing was not easy in the past as there were no spare parts available.
Some fake DMLs were issued on some internet sites, but these were made primarely for the benefit of the sellers.
Also some were replaced by discrete parts giving problems and having bad thermal properties.

Now a completely new conception has been made by the famous DML engineer from the USA.
This design without compromise and without commercial means, you pay for what you get.
This is the only non-commercial ultimate solution on the world.
For the Luxman vintage gear owner this is the real thing. Take a look at the photos and be convinced.
All work done by the DML engineer and me is free of charge, you pay nothing for all our efforts and hard labour designing,
producing, testing these fine new DMLs, we do this for all Luxman vintage gear owners in the world,
all Luxman owners just pay for the DML's they order and the shipping to their address: nothing more.
Available NOW!

These DMLs are professionally made in the USA meeting extreme specs and of highest quality
and only available through this Luxman Vintage Website.

The transistors used are matched and each DML is tested and meets the finest modern standards,
now you as Luxman owner can give your Luxman a new life, meeting even higher standards than the original Luxman design.

The DMLs shipped to you come with additional Mil. spec. 10 turn pots and with additional socket.
So you can use them with or without a socket and you can also replace the old potentiometers for better DC offset setting.

A DML installation manual in PDF format is downloadable from this website here below (under construction).

We take pride in designing and producing these fine new DML units for the Luxman Vintage audio gear owner.

Japanese customers:



Old DMLs:

The original DML-01, it breaks down and should be replaced..


Photos new DMLs:

DML-01 & DML-02 new version now available, its an open design and never breaks down.

DML-01 new version now available.


DML-02 new version now available.



Professionally made USA pcb's, double sided and through metalized and soldered pcb's, meets highest Mil. specs.

Meets or exceeds all Luxman specifications and meets all modern electronic standards.

Guaranteed frequency range better than 0 to 100 KHz  +/- 1 dB.

Distortion less than 0.001%

Noise better than -110 dB

Drift substantially less than the original DML design.

Thermal range: storage -40 to +90 deg C. / use with guaranteed thermal specs -10 to +60 deg C.

Selected FETs and matched transistors and each DML is tested.

Applies to C E certification.


Special features:

These are non encapsulated DML modules with selected dual FET and matched transistors for better thermal properties.

Additional Mil. spec. 10 turn DC offset pot and additional socket option.

Measured bandwidth up to 10 MHz.

Solid state construction.

Each new DML is tested individually in a working Luxman amplifier.

Lifetime limited guarantee.

Replacement manual available.



DML-02 new


How to order:

These DML-01 and DML-02 are available for all Luxman owners at cost of the production of the product,
there is no profit involved, you only pay for what you get plus additional is shipping and possible money transfer fees.

 The prices are:

The DML-01 cost 40 (excluding shipping, bank fees and local taxes), price per DML including pot and socket.
The DML-02 cost 45 (excluding shipping, bank fees and local taxes), price per DML including pot and socket.

If you want to buy the DML's in your local currency, please contact us.

If any offer to you is made for more than the price on this website, then it is not our product, it is counterfeit.

Be aware of the fact that in Luxman amplifiers there are usually 2 to 4 DMLs inside,
to keep L and R channels equal we recommend you to replace the DMLs in couples: one L and one R ch.

Order by email to: see contact page, or become a member of the Luxman Group and contact me
through the Luxman Group's email address.

Do not send funds yet: contact us first and pay only after we have an agreement.

Shipping & pay info:

We accept these options:

Customers in USA, Asia, Australia, may use Bank & Paypal and pay in $ and , under limited conditions.
Customers worldwide, Africa, South America: use Bank, cash, Paypal, Swift.
Customers in the EU: temporarily not available in the EU. EU: Sepa/Swift only, in some countries Paypal too.
We accept your local currency under limited conditions: contact us for information.
We only accept Paypal under limited conditions: be aware of the extra fees Paypal charges to us and we pass on to you.
Customers in the UK: contact us first, please understand that all the above infos do not apply to the UK.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Remarks since 24-02-2022:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
We cannot ship to Russia and Russian occupied teritory, Belarus, North Korea, Syria, and more.
    TEMPORARILY suspended shipping:
Parts of the following countries: EU, China, HongKong, India, Pakistan, Africa, Australia,
some other countries in Asia, some Middle-East region countries, parts of Mid&South America.
Last info update: 20-08-2022.

The smallprint:

All shipping will be send as registered, unless otherwise agreed.
When you experience any problem, even years after your purchase, even if you break a DML: contact us asap,
we will support our product to your satisfaction.
Returning your purchase? No problem, under international laws and standards we will accept
any returns as long as the product is in unused original condition: no questions asked.
Refunds we make in case of a return, are always excluding postage and bank fees paid.
If you have any question before or after purchase: please feel invited to contact us: we support our product.
Since all Luxman vintage audio gear with DMLs incorporated is in 2 channel stereo, 
we advise to order DMLs in matched couples: L and R within matched specs.
(If any offer is made to you for other than the price on this website, or when you get a product
differing from our info and images on this website, then it is not our product, it is counterfeit.)


Matching the 2SC1845 transistors to get the excelent specs ^



How to do the replacement of the old DML's:

The Luxman Vintage Website DML replacement manual now available here in PDF format < click here.


Original Luxman Japan instruction for Luxman dealers and service personel of old DML replacement ^


Old DML's opened: 

cracking an old blown DML ^              the pcb inside ^

The whole assembly of the DML, the resin removed ^


Old DML-01 on the pcb of a vintage Luxman amplifier, this is a blown DML's that need to be replaced:


The DML-01 new version installed in a Luxman 5M21,
also the new pots are visible. Looks great not?

Luxman 5C50:

Our new DML-02 units in two different Luxman 5C50 ^

The new DML-02 units in a Luxman 5F70 ^




Hans Hilberink 2003-2022, PE1MMK & "The Secret DML Lab" Tx. USA.
    also thanks to Andrea Paganini (USA) for the defect DML.

Last update: 20-08-2022.