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I'm a 300B fan, but it's just because I haven't heard anything better yet (for my demands & my listening habits) ;-).
As those 300B's are a little expensive to burn them for background music listening I also have; TDA7293 based amp, LM3875 based amp, old (ca. 20 years) Technics pre/power amp,
few old receivers (70's), very nice sounding hybrid preamp (6922/hexfet), Sowter transformer attenuator based passive preamp (it has 6dB gain tap), PP hexfet 50W poweramp.
Sure, it would be waste to have all that amplification on the shelf waiting on its turn on HPD's, so I also have; fostex fe164 (heavily modified) in mini-onken enclosure, RES tweeter/130mm midbass 7 lit, Morel 39/144 10 lit BR, Accuton (tweeter) + Davis 13 Velvet midbass 9 lit BR, Accuton tweeter +17cm midbass 18 lit BR - everything DIY.
Sources are Marantz CD4000 (modified) as transport, Pioneer DV525 (modified) as transport, Northstar Model 3&4 DAC & upsampler, DIY TDA1543 nonos DAC, DIY TDA1541s1 nonos DAC, Thorens TD126mkIII electronic + grado silver, Thorens TD124mkII + decca unipivot tonarm + Denon DL103.
Phono preamp is Allan Wright RVP based hybrid (MAT02/6922 diff. cascode).
Most important: ca. 400 LP's & 1500 CD's.

Zvonimir Vukovojac,


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