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Hello you audio and music enthousiasts all over the world, welcome at the Tannoy Monitor Gold website

My name is Hans and I am a "Tannerd" since the early 1960's. I have gathered quite some knowledge and experience concerning Tannoy products and sound reproduction in general over these 50 years.
This I want to share with you Tannoy owners and audio enthousiasts.
Since the internet is here, I found it to be the perfect way to share information and experience on a free and non-commercial basis.
The internet is also a nice way to keep contact with fellow "Tannerds".

The modern audio era we live in today, with its "planned obsolescence" philosophy, is producing more and more audio products that are not worth to take any notice of. Many of todays audio products with a name to be high quality, are in fact no more than commercial low quality, short life electronics that one should not waste ones money on. Today in audio its hard to find the real thing, audio magazines and reviewers are not of any help. I want this website to be a positive contribution and encouragement for you to find the right way to the "perfect sound" of your personal audio system and best musical enjoyment at home. 

Today this Tannoy Monitor Gold website , I have started over 20 years ago, is the result of sharing with fellow "Tannerds" their efforts to find ultimate HiFi sound reproduction in their homes with the use of the legendary Tannoy Monitor Dual Concentric loudspeaker. 
This Tannoy Dual Concentric Monitor speaker, originally intended for the professional-audio use in studios, appeared to be the ideal basics for home built cabinets of the highest sound reproduction quality.
By building cabinets around the Tannoy DC Monitor speakers, one can create a personalized and musical sound reproduction system in ones home, that is unprecedented since many years.
Consequently the Tannoy Monitor speakers found their way from the sound-studios and PA audio systems into the homes of many audio entousiasts. 

Sharing our experience and knowledge is a fundamental part of this website.
In fact the famous Tannoy speaker has created a kind of "Tannerd community", with several websites and that you can be part of if you like and the creators of these nice Tannoy products can be proud of.
So please feel invited to share your knowledge with the "Tannerd community" and become one of us by sending web-material, stories, photos,
documentation, tech-info or else. Send it to my (email)address below or the link to be found at the Tannoy Monitor Gold website.  
I can place your information together with all other info on the Tannoy Monitor Gold website, so we can all benefit from the wide scale of interesting sound experiments and experiences of us "Tannerds" all over our globe.

Please enjoy this website and feel invited to subscribe and become a member of the "Tannerds" Tannoy Yahoo discussion group and please join the discussions: we like to meet you, a clickable link you will find also to on the website's mainpage.

Thanks for your visit to the Tannoy Monitor Gold website and the Tannoy Yahoo discussion group and please do come again and look for additions and updates!

This Tannoy Monitor Gold website and I have no connection to Tannoy LTD or any other company, nothing owned exclusively by Tannoy or other companies is to be found on this Tannoy Monitor Gold website, all material on this Tannoy Monitor Gold website website is owned by me, and/or by the contributors to this website, or is in the public domain. Further copyrights info is on this website.

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Kind regards,

Hans Hilberink

webmaster & moderator.

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