Tannoy diy 700 L cabinet


General info by the designer: This cabinet is originally designed for closed multi driver configurations for PA purpose like dance halls. It can however be used as ported cabinet, specially the 2 or more driver version. Ports can best be 3 or 4 pvc tubes or pipes. Diameters and lengths of ports must be calculated with software on a pc, depending on used driver type(s) and number of drivers and preferred F0, the ports must be configured. Depending of characteristics and Fs of driver(s) the F0 of the port configuration must be chosen. Internal bracing of the cabinet is vital to this extreme size of cabinet. Material is >5 cm MDF or concrete or marble. The front and back panel must be connected to eachother by bracing. Failure to keep the cabinets panels quiet, will result in a bad sounding cabinet. Damping must be extensive and done per compartment, compartments are created by bracing.
Comments by PE1MMK: Do not use this cabinet as single driver cabinet, it is not designed for that purpose.
Net volume of the cabinet is approx. 700L, taking all neccesary bracing and stabilizing measurements in consideration.



PE1MMK Hans Hilberink, 30-07-2005.