Tannoy in Moskow

Sergey from Moskow in Russia has provided the information on this page:

He wrote to me: I liked your site, it is a lot of helpful information on such legendary firm, in Russia such site is not present, but firm Tannoy very much love and appreciate. I have paid attention, that on your site there are no people from Russia and would like to send you photos as I have made columns. Garage where we with friends gather for a photo. Yours faithfully Sergey.

Я очень рад,что Вы мне написали.Посылаю еще фотографии,
можете делать сними,что хотите,
это Вам решать,опубликовывать или нет.
Если интересно могу прислать фотографии как я их изготавливал. 



In Moskow there is a big audio shop, click to visit their website:

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