Jon's Tannoy dual HPD GRF-R Project

This is my own design built on years of research. I have used my own original GRF corner horns as a
reference for sound comparison. Its a 2 x 15' based loosely on the Autograph Pro. Horn loaded using 2 x 385 HPD. The design uses the angled baffle from the Auto Pro - the angle maintains the single point source when using two drivers. The rest of the enclosure is the horn loaded design from the rectangular GRF. It was a long shot as a design but it has worked very well first time out. Design work was done in Pro Desktop CAD system. It took 2 days in the workshop and another day to fit drivers etc. Grills are to be made this week. I did all the cabinet work myself. The bass is frightening, imaging is pinpoint as well.




PE1MMK Hans Hilberink, Jon Meyer, last update:  19-03-2007.