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 Dew has send me the below pictures and information



I have many thanks for the Tannoy -Yahoo group members who
are so kind to help someone who knew next to nothing regarding Tannoys
its has been a great learning experience.
Many thanks to Michael Cicotti (the carpenter hand) who put up with my anal carpentry requests.

I am still listening to the speakers w /out a cabinet.
enclosed are some photos of this recent Tannoy 12" gold monitors.
the process is taking long, but looks like its worth the effort.

I Started by buying 8 sheets of 12mm baltic birch, then got one more sheet of the 15mm thick Baltic Birch, for the front baffle.

I am going w the 150L cabinet design with
2 ports 100mm wide apx

We glued together 2 x 12 mm to make all the walls tops bottoms at 24mm thick.
then we glued 2 x12mm + 15mm for total of 39mm thick front baffle.
also we just recently cut out the port holes and also the driver mounting cutout on front baffle to front mount the driver:

as you can see the bracing is made of MDF (particle board) there are 3 of them in each cabinet, top, middle and bottom braces. MDF will split if we
didn't pre drill the holes.

we have not glued yet, it is just put together with scres now.
I will send more photos as they develop.

The crossover is made on to a board of plywood, very large, this is done but no photo yet , used Jensen caps , Hovland MusiCaps,
Solen inductors, Mills resistors , no switches.


I will be placing the Ice Guard all over the inside, also then deflex pads anywhere important like right behind the
driver, also the lower part of front baffle, lower part of rear walls.



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