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Safe Tannoy trading guidelines


Hello Tannerds,

As moderator of the Tannoy Yahoo message board and webmaster of the "Tannoy Monitor Gold website" I have to warn you for dishonest people that are unfortunately not only out there in the real world, but also active on the Internet.

My advise is when you buy items through our advertising forum or from Ebay or another Internet place, please be careful:

- Do not transfer funds to complete strangers. Always keep one or more control factors active in money transactions.
- Get well informed about the indentity of a seller, try to get copys of identity-cards or passports at least.
- Try to insure your transaction in some way. Specially international / intercontinental transactions are at stake here.
- Try to contact countrymen of the seller and let them verify the indentity of the person you are doing a transaction with.
- Check the identity and history of a seller on the internet through Google or another Internet searchmachine.
- Check the "Tannoy Blacklist" on our website.

If you have additions to my remarks here, please post them on our messageboard or cantact me.

Take a look at my other messages in this: Warnings at The Tannoy advertising boards

Sorry for the inconvenience,




PE1MMK Hans Hilberink last update:  20-03-2007.