Philips vintage speakers

Philips Netherlands made in the 20th century some wide-band single chassis speakers and was quite successfull in this.
I want to show you some models issued by Philips in the 1960's.

Philips wide-band single chassis models were:

AD9710M, 8", Ticonal magnet,
AD5200M, 12", Ticonal magnet,
AD3701M, 6", Ferrit magnet,
and more

Ticonal resembles Alnico used by Tannoy. The Ferrit magnet material was quite similar as used by Tannoy.

Below the ledgendary 9710M that originated from the older 9710 model. With its more expensive 12" model AD5200M.

These speakers were cheaper alternatives compared to Tannoys.


The AD3701M:

The 9710M:

Below the boxes Philips proposed to build for these speakers.

And another wide-band speaker: the little Panasonic SB-30, a ledgendary mini speaker sold in the 1960's.


copyrights and photos PE1MMK Hans Hilberink,
thanks to Rob Smith-Hobart and Jules Retrot from Australia for the brochure,
update: 20-05-