The Tannoy Sixes 611

repair and modification


Tannoy model Sixes 611

Download here the flyer of the Tannoy Sixes series in PDF format. Click here.


The x-over schematic diagram of Tannoy model Sixes 611.

The value of the L's is not yet known.

The C1 of 3.3 uF - 100V is a polyester capacitor, I have changed it into a polypropylene model of 3.3 uF - 250V.

sample of polyester MKT capacitor of Monacor, they come in polypropylene as well, then printed with MKP.



 The 2033 DC TW chassis                           The 2035 bass unit

I have also added damping material into the cabinet, to get colouration of the sound under control.



The 2033 DC TW Tweeter replacement

The complete 2033 driver out of the box


Magnet tweeter separated


The DC Tulip Waveguide Tweeter without magnet


TW Tweeter top view


TW Tweeter bottom view, at left the ferrofluid.


The 611 without cloth.



PE1MMK Hans Hilberink last update:  28-03-2010.