Renzo's Tannoy ISA corner speakers



" ISA "

The love is music



Tannoy driver: DU386 (Around 1985)

Tannoy crossover: 1007

Nominal impedence: 8 ohms

Sensitivity: 92 db

Power: 85 watts

Fb system: 35Hz 6,2 ohms

Enclosure: Classical Tannoy corner

System: Floor bass reflex

Internal volume: 177 litre

Dimensions: 107 cm X 66 cm X 46 cm

Weight: 42 Kg.

Finish: Oiled walnut



Driver: Foam surrounds replacing.

Crossover: All capacitors replacing with MKP.

HF cut: Replacing 4,7uF capacitors with 6,8uF.

Connections: Change in biwiring.

Sound: I think as Hans.

"Tannoy, the best speaker in the world"

DIY project: Renzo Boz

Ebanist: Marco Meloni (Golden hands)

September - December 2010









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