Saving Tannoy Sensys 6' DC speakers

Recently I got a set of small Tannoy DC speakers with x-over filters without cabinets.
I did not know what model# they were, so I had to find what they are.
Here is what I found:

Here you see that the speaker units are from the Sensys series.

Another Sensys box for sale on the internet.


Below the unit without cabinet:


Other pictures with the tweeter dismounted.




Product Description:

Tannoy Sensys DC 6 inch Bookshelf Speakers

Tweeter: Tannoy TW Tulip Waveguide crossed at 2,7 KHz

Recommended amplifier power: 20 - 150 Watts RMS

Continuous power handling: 100 Watts RMS

Peak output power: 200 Watts

Low frequency response: 35Hz

Sensitivity: 88dB


The speaker units were broken and the cones aluminium foil was teared.
In order to save the speakers I had to remove the foil completely from the bass cones,
rebuild the bass cones and apply the cones with hardening coating and re-glue them back into the chassis.
Also I had to change the original x-overs as the accompanying supertweeters were broken as well, that I also repaired later.

This is what I got when I put them into new cabinets:

The sound is surpisingly good with the newly assembled x-over from the parts of the original Tannoy x-over.

I think I have saved the speakers from a certain death.





PE1MMK - Hans Hilberink - ON9MMK, 08-11-2017.