Tannoy DIY Connector

A different DIY terminal solution, by Jesper Rosendahl.

Spurred on by the missing pin's in my original Tannoy connectors
I search the internet for DIY idears/answers...but didden't find any solutions that I liked.
In my search for a new and better way to connect my lovely old Tannoy's, I did consider the 4 pin XLR solution some one else had used.
But to me they seemed like a bottelneck connection similar to the original connectors, but a lot nicer.
So this is the solution that I ended up with:
First picture is the fiber board I used for my terminals, incl my tempplate.
The holes just happen to fit perfectly to the pin's I use(app: 6.8mm)
But any fiber board would work just fine, as I had to remove the Cooper trace anyway, to ensure no faulty connections to the speaker chassis.


Next Picture are the recycled connectors i use:
3 differen't speaker Cable connectors and 1 chassis connectors
I both crimp & solder the speaker connectors, plus use different color heat shrink.


And finally "The finished Tannoy DIY terminals":



This is the "mk1" "T" shape, the one I am using myself.
But a "V" shape would possible be stronger, and a simpel squar shape would work Great too.
Note that I've soldered across both pin's
This is to both ensure maximum connection, and also to Secure the connector to the fiber board.
All I did to Secure the fiber board on the speaker chassis, was reverse the original screw:



This "System" works for all kind of different connectors:
It's just a matter adjusting the sice of the fiber board...here is just one of my other idears:



To the Purist's, a rout that I did consider
The original Tannoy connectors are rare and expensive, I found an alternativ solution:
4 pin Computer connectors look a lot like the "Real thing" & cost nothing:



On the left: 4 pin computer
On the right: 4 pin Tannoy
One could possible fit the computer connectors inside the Tannoy...this I have not tried
I hope this article is going to inspired a few Tannoy enficionados, like Hans and his Great Tannoy page, the first place I always look for info & DIY Tannoy idears.


Kind Regards
Denmark -2018-

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