Tannoy Cornetta

Tannoy Cornetta plans article in Japanese language


The Japanese Cornetta is a DIY proposal from Stereo Sound in 1976.
It is a bass-reflex enclosure with a front-loaded horn for upper bass/lower mids.
The Tannoy Cornetta 1968 on the other hand has a back-loaded horn for lower bass support like the GRF in the flyer below.
Both Cornetta enclosure versions are for 10" dual concentric drivers, like the IIILZ-red, IIILZ-gold and the HPD295.


Download here the Cornetta plans article in Japanese, rar-file to pdf (100Mb)



1968 flyer

Download here the complete 1968 flyer


Tannoy Cornetta with IIILZ Red 15 Ohms version


Stereo Sound Cornetta with Tannoy HPD295



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