Resurround of HPD315's

The problem:

The speaker with the rotted surround removed.
The bass cone has to be removed from the chassis.

Now we have to remove all surround screws.
And after that release the spider bolts. Unsolder
the voicecoil-leads and then take out the cone:

The cone removed, cleaned and the new surround
is now being glued to the cone. You have to cut
out small pieces of the surround to fit well around
the strutts of the cone.

Let it dry and apply a final thin gluelayer to assure
that there is no airflow possible from the front to
the back of the speakercone.
After glueing we have to let it all dry for several hours.
Then remount the cone in the chassis and again, cut out
small pieces of the new surround to let it fit well in the chassis.






The solution:

Here the result after drying some time and remounting in the chassis.

Then recentering and fixed again with all screws, final drying will take some days.
Get the cabinets ready after inspection.

Put the ready speakerchassis in the cabinet again
and ready to play.

This resurround job was done using the surrounds
from Speakerbits Australia. Tom Manning of
Speakerbits and  provides an excelent manual to get the
job done. Speakerex USA is a very good choice for USA residents.
If you are in Europe you can order here:

Visit the websites of Speakerbits and SPEAKEREX at:

This is a cheaper solution, but also it is a lot more
work than a complete recone with new cones from
Tannoy, but this solution lasts longer than the recone,
as the surrounds of the recone suffer aging.





Below you can see another resurround:   

Here are Cerwin Vega 12' bass units resurrounded with its characteristic orange/red surrounds that were completely rotted.

On the photo you see the result using surrounds of Speakerex USA,

Cathy Satin, a very kind lady and the owner of the company has supplied excelent products to do the job.




MORE PHOTOS under construction.

Hans Hilberink. PE1MMK, 2002. last update: 01-07-2014.