Paolo's reflex cabinets

 Enrico Tomasi has send me the below pictures and information. His friend PAOLO FRANCATO is the owner and builder of the below enclosures.

These are 230L bass reflex enclosures as Tannoy itself suggests in
K3808/K3838 manual available elsewhere on this site, but proportions
are different from what stated in the booklet. External measures are
53x48x140 and the box is made of a sandwich of 19mm marine plywood
AND 18mm particle board glued and screwed tight to each other.
There are three 18mm particle board reinforces throughout the
internal volume which is painted with bitumen and, then, covered with
acrylic wool (or so I believe it is...).

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PE1MMK Hans Hilberink & Enrico Tomasi & Paolo Francato. 2002.