Tannoy HPD 385 & 315
T&S parameters

T/S params of the HPD 385/8 drivers measured:

Re 5,2 Ohm
Fs 14,7 Hz
Qms 6,25
Qes 0,19
Qts 0,19
L(1kHz) 2,35mH
L(10kHz) 1,13mH
Mms 72g
320 mm
Vas 830 L
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 92 dB*











T&S parameters as supplied by Miroslav Ivanek and measured by Zvonimir Vukovojac:
(with Clio, "added mass" method, see for more info about this method the SRM 12 T&S parameters also on this site).

Drivers were measured after surround replacement purchased from Tom Manning of Speakerbits.


T/S params of the HPD 385 drivers supplied by Tannoy:


Re 5,7 Ohm
Fs 22 Hz
Qms 2,4
Qes 0,2
Qts 0,18
Bl 18.72 N/A
Cms 0.58 mm/N
Mms 90g
Sd 770 sq. cm
Vas 483 L
Rms 5.1 Mech Ohm
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 94.3 dB









T/S params of the HPD 315 drivers measured:


Re  5.5 Ohm
Fs 25 Hz
Mms 62 g
Qes 0.22
Qms 1.75
Qts 0.2
Bl 15.6 N/A
Cms 0.65 mm/N
Vas 276 L
Rms 5.6 Mech Ohm
Sd 550 q. cm
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91 dB*











T/S params of the HPD 315 drivers: as supplied by Tannoy:


































(* = not measured, supplied by Tannoy, although later specifications by Tannoy, like the one above, give higher values that could not be verified in any measurement.)

PE1MMK Hans Hilberink, Miroslav Ivanek, Zvonimir Vukovojac, Marcello Pellerano, Panos Tsitimakis,

last update 29-10-2002.