Tannoy SGM/SRM series

The Tannoy SRM was made in various formats, versions and cabinets, some chassis versions had 2 magnets.
Other had chassis with only one magnet, depending on the type of driver-chassis that was used. 


The SRM 12 chassis, as you can see this chassis employs only one ceramic magnet.



srm12t1.jpg (51327 bytes)

srm12t2.jpg (92069 bytes)

srm12t3.jpg (87957 bytes)

Above the SRM 12's of Laurent. As you can see there is no dustcap and the concentric horn is Gold coloured. This version has 2 magnets and a slightly different xover-filter.


The Tannoy LGM with 10 inch SRM chassis.



The original SRM/SRM 12 X in 90 L (68 L net) reflex cabinet.






Above the warranty form.


Schematic diagram of the xover, excl. delaycircuit below.



The difference between the SGM and the SRM is the is the construction, form and finish of the cabinet, also the magnet assembly can be different, some had 2 magnets and some 1 magent, depending in the driver type used. The SGM has a delaycircuit and gold plated screws to influence the HF curve, the SRM employs switches, that implies lower quality for the SRM version.


Above the Super Red Monitor with 12 inch SRM 12 X first version speaker chassis. This version has 1 magnet.

The panel of the Super Red Monitor in Tannoy factory made reflex cabinet. As you can see the surround of this chassis is inherited from the Monitor Silver and Gold series, it is quite different compared to the HPD series.



PE1MMK Hans Hilberink & Johnny Vergouwen, 31-08-2003.