Laurent's SRM 12 speakers


The SRM 12 chassis, as you can see this chassis employs 2 ceramic magnets.

srm12t1.jpg (51327 bytes)

srm12t2.jpg (92069 bytes)

As you can see the surround of this chassis is inherited from the Monitor Silver and Gold series, it is quite different compared to the HPD series.

srm12t3.jpg (87957 bytes)

Above the SRM 12's of Laurent. As you can see there is no dustcap and the concentric horn is Gold coloured.

srm12t4.jpg (38516 bytes)

the cabinet + xover,

srm12t5.jpg (43063 bytes)

This cabinet is 86 x 46 x 28 cm, and made of MDF.


PE1MMK Hans Hilberink & Laurent Martin, 2002.