Tannoy System 1200 SE


Alexander from Germany has constructed his own System 1200 's and shows them below:


I built a "Special Edition" of Tannoy´s Studio LS,
the System 1200 (3139 DC drivers).


- New cabinet with all walls 34 mm thick (18 mm birch plywood + 16 mm chip board)
- original TANNOY frequency crossover, but built up with best components
- crossover components in extra/separate part of the cabinet (reachable from the backside)
- lower third of the cabinet is sand-filled (about 40 kg per speaker)
- all walls internally braced
- QED silver used for internal cabling (2,5 mm2)
- BR ports 7 cm wide and 15,5 cm long (as the Tannoy System 1200)
- internal volume 74 ltrs. (as the Original)

Best wishes from southern Germany,



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