Murat's Tannoy Arden + HPD 15


Murat has constructed his own cabinets for his HPD 385's and shows them below:

At last I managed to finish my new Arden's.
I am very happy with the result.The crossover upgrade helped a lot ,Mundorf Caps are beautiful.The reinforced new cabinetts are working also very well.I used 12 mm + 25 mm MDF ,in the mid section of the cab stays the  four side type (+) braicing.Ply in the inside and MDF outside..  I put 15 cm to the Arden' s original height at the bottom ,to take the tweeter into the ear height and put the x-over in this separate section at the bottom.As  damping material 8 wool filled  pillars in each cabinet are chosen and  tacked loosely to the walls.
I am lucky to let have built and painted the cabinets by a carpenter with a resonable cost.
I am driving the HPD 15 's with Jadis JA-30 A-class push pull tube amplifiers.They matched very well.
We searched a lot about  the cabinet volume,if you try to tune the cab lower ,you lose 3 or 6 dB's  between , say 100 and 50 Hz area and I didnt want it and stayed at the Ardens original size.
With Regards
Murat Akbay


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