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L 2 D 51 T /00

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Portable made in Holland in 1963/4 - 7 early Philips Germanium transistors - FM only radio,
with frequency range of 88~108 MHz - wooden case and plastic back and metal/plastic front - the dial has three hilarious presets: the red indicators on the dial are these presets that do not work conveniently due to a rather sensitive dial knob - the schematics of this radio show a traditional design with typical Philips ingredients, the IF is coiled and on 10.7 MHz, the frontend consists of 2 common base transistors of the OC170/AF117 series of Philips - supply is 6V by 4 'D cells' - the output stage is capable of 500 mW and the speaker is a Philips with a relatively heavy magnet, so the sound is very good and reception is good considering the older transistors, compared to other FM radios of those days this is the better radio.

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When you are interested in more FM-only radios, visit the website of:
   Andrew R. Mitz  -  FM-Only Radios:


L 3 X 91 T /01L

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Made in Holland 1962 - very nice radio has MW and LW - plays well, has very good LW - sound quality is very good even on LW - has pcb but not all parts are on it like var. condens. - one of the earlier popular transistor radios of Philips.


L 3 X 24 T /09

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Badly constructed radio of 1963  - with VHF (FM) - very big full size pcb inside, hilarious pcb design: one can forsee problems like broken pcb or loose parts on pcb - battery pack on back panel - case of pressed wood particels covered with cheap plastic leatherette not being very stable -  this radio plays badly and stops playing very often, repairs do not solve the problems because they are in the design of the pcb and case - all radios with this chassis of Philips suffer these problems - the type # indicates /09, that means that this is the ninth update of this chassis, there sometimes are updated chassis by Philips, but 9 updates is not common by Philips.


L 3 X 32 T /02C - L 3 X 42 T /00R

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More recent radio than ones above, 1963 - has 9 x 2nd generation Philips germanium transistors: AF124, AF125, AF126 x4, AC125, AC128 x2 - has 2 separate pcbs and 1 W max. output power amp. with big output trafo and big high efficiency speaker with heavy magnet, efficiency: 92 dB SPL - plays very well and has fine sound - has LW - MW - FM (VHF) 87,5 -104 MHz - needs 4 'D' cells for 6 V supply -  Size: 25 x 15 x 7 cm - I have also a European version L 3 X 42 T with multilingual BLUE scale and it has remarkably L 3 X 42 T/00R as model# addition.

Its 1965 successor is the L 3 X 42 T (click here to see a photo, © by Koen Tesselaar) looking similar but FM: 87,5 -108 MHz.

This has been a vey popular radio among HiFi fans, because it produced the better sound. On the picture below you see a picture by Herm Willems of his family: his brother Rob Willems and their mother, baking a cake, with a L 3 X 32 T on the kitchen table in the year 1963.


22 RL 390 /00

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Radio made in Holland in approx. 1965 - 6 Philips germanium transistors - has small pcb and all parts are on it, rest of plastic case is empty and serves as acoustic cabinet - nice big speaker - has LW / MW - needs 5 'C' cells.


L 2 X 52 T

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The Netherlands 1965 - LW, MW, SW (40-51m), FM (VHF) - Cabinet black plastic with some letherette , 17.5x10.5x5cm - Radio is partly defect: FM is not working, there is a crack in the PCB and a broken ferrit tuner part in the FM section - bought it from Gerard Tel - still repairing the radio.


22 RL 190 /00S
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Constructed in 1965 - 6 transistors - nice small sober radio very similar to 22 LR 160 ~ 22 LR 180


90 AL 162 /00 - 90 AL 172 /00

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Constructed in 1968 - 7 transistors - MW/LW - pcb partly made in Japan.

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Constructed in 1969 - 7 transistors - MW/LW - pcb partly made in Japan - pcb same as 90 AL 162 above.


90 AL 170

picture soon available

Constructed in 1969 - 7 transistors - MW/LW - pcb partly made in Japan -

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