RE-1111 Companion

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Made in Japan approx. 1966 - 11 Toshiba transistors - AM(MW) / FM(VHF) with AFC - 4 'AA' cells for 6V supply - schematic diagram inside cabinet - 4 transistors in conventional final output stage - typical leatherette case fashionable in those days, but the dial is very special, it looks like a compass with a magnifying glass and in the centre of it the well known Ross logo - the radio plays very well, but the sensivity of the FM is not of the best according to our today standards, this is caused by the limitations of the used transistors.


RE-???? portable

Leatherette radio smaller than the Companion, but more powerfull. It is definetely less nice on the outside, but built very well with good performance. This radio was damaged severely and had to be restored. It looks nice again and is in original status again.


RE-1212 pocket radio

Nice looking radio made in Japan approx. 1964 - 12 Toshiba transistors - AM(MW) - 1 P-cell 9V supply - 4 transistors 2 by 2 parallel in conventional final LF output stage - typical oval grille with in the centre of it the well known Ross logo in brass - round conventional speaker - the radio plays very well.


RE-110 pocket radio

Very nice and well playing radio -


RE-102 pocket radio

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Micro radio made in Japan - 8 transistors - supply 1,5 V, one penlight cell -



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